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NBC National for Training helps individuals in the government and private sectors achieve their professional and institutional development goals, we have translated our expertise into world-class training through a wide range of training programs, symposiums, courses, workshops, and conferences that we offer through a selection of international trainers and consultants that enable us to provide solutions commensurate with everyone's work and needs.

 Why to Choose NBC National for Training (Points of Excellence)

*   Multiple training services

NBC National for Training and Development is committed to providing various training services that meet the needs of its customers in different sectors, complexes and individuals, with high professionalism.

*   Direct training

NBC National is helping to break the time factor to meet companies' needs at a high speed through online training led by the world's best-accredited experts.

*   Interactive Training

NBC National, under the conditions in which the world has been experiencing the "Coronavirus Pandemic", has been quick to invent a unique and special software that allows individuals and employees in various companies to attend training courses interactively at any time via www.ontrainers.com

*   Time commitment

NBC National adheres to the timetables it develops to provide training or advisory services during its years of operation, where we are distinguished by providing and finalizing our services in high quality on an agreed timetable.

*   Highly qualified training staff

Distinct training can only be obtained through experts and trainers with extensive practical experience in the field of training. Therefore, we are endeavoring to design and implement our programs with a distinct staff of experts, trainers, and practitioners.

Our Mission

With scientific and practical foundations, our mission is to develop all sectors and provide the best training and advisory services; to contribute to the institutions' human resource development programs and plans.

We offer the best services to ensure that the best results are achieved with keenness to meet the desired objectives of the public and private sector institutions in the Arab region. This is included in a high-ranked cadre from the hospital.

Our Objectives

  1. Providing integrated training and high-quality advisory services to meet our customers' changing needs in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arabian Gulf with high social and ethical responsibility.
  2. Developing the Arab human resources in programs and solutions that meet the actual needs in all fields and enhancing their scientific and practical capabilities.
  3. Applying the abstracts of the latest training practices and employing the best   knowledge and expertise deriving from high values and capabilities to come to distinguished institutional performance.
  4. Providing the market with training services within the highest international standards.
  5.  Searching for new and innovative methods of achieving added values while adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence.
  6. Achieving a qualitative leap in the institutions' performance in genuine partnerships.

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